Albany, NY 12205

Letter to AxeFam

Our Dearest Axefam,

This message is bittersweet for us to post. We will be closing our indoor facility, effective Tuesday, May 21. We have decided, as a family, to begin moving on from the world of axe throwing in order to spend more (non-working) quality time together.

🪓 PLEASE NOTE: Our Throwmobile—mobile axe throwing trailer—will still be up and running from the spring through the end of October, so book your outdoor sessions soon!

Before the sappy stuff: If you have any interest in taking up the mantle as the owner(s) of The Lazy Axe, please feel free to reach out! We’d love to chat with anyone who would like to keep the business growing!

The sappy stuff 🍯:

We are so, so, so grateful for all of the love and support that you have given us over the past 4+ years! We set out to create a safe, high-quality, accessible, and unique experience that brought people together through the thrilling sport of axe throwing, and we have had the privilege of seeing that vision come to life. The Lazy Axe was able to provide joyful memories to so many people over the years. It has been an honor to be part of so many special celebrations from birthday parties to weddings. We have loved sharing special moments with all of our guests!

To our Axeperts: thank you for being the best staff anyone could have asked for. Your playfulness, energy, kindness, hard work, and willingness to jump right in made it possible for us to fulfil our mission. We most definitely could not have done any of this without you.

To our league members and regulars: thank you for supporting our business and helping us create a safe, welcoming environment. Getting to know you over the years has been wonderful, and we do hope to keep in touch!

To our extended axefam from all over the country: Thanks for coming to our little shop to throw with us at our marathon leagues and tournaments! You raised the level of competition and pushed us to throw better! We have so appreciated your presence and kind words of encouragement.

To our traveling axe throwing team: Traveling around the country and throwing alongside you at various tournaments has been an honor. You represented us well, helping us establish The Lazy Axe as a force to be reckoned within the axe throwing world, and we will forever cherish the memories of competing (and eating) our way to the top of the sport! 

*Please remember to cheer us on/send us some good juju as we send 6 of our throwers—Gary “Dragon” Dayter, Steve Decker, Don Johnston, Richard Lin, Ben Paultre, and Mark Mirasol to the upcoming World Axe and Knife Throwing Championships in Tulsa, OK in April!

Special shoutout to Ben Paultre, our Axe Guy, ESPBen, MVB(en), the Axe Wizard, Yu-Gi-Oh-Ben, BenFixIt, Lil Ray: Among our biggest supporters from the start, you have been a constant source of positivity and joy. Thank you for helping us build the dang thing, maintain the dang thing, and fix (basically) everything.

We are so proud of everything that we have accomplished with The Lazy Axe; from navigating the rough, muddy waters of the pandemic to creating and maintaining an amazing, tight-knit community of axe throwers, contributing to the sport of axe throwing (did you know that Kristyn was the leader of the World Axe Throwing League Council from 2021-2023?!), to working our way to the top of the sport (lest we forget that Mark won the 2021 Big Axe World Championship, and that he and Gary Dayter have been among the best throwers in the world since 2020).

Owning and operating our own business is not something we had ever really thought or dreamed of prior to this venture, but we are so glad that we took the jump as it has been such an amazingly enriching experience for us. None of this would have been possible without the love and support of you, our axefam. Thanks for coming with us on this wild ride, and we can’t wait to discover what our next adventure might be!

In joy and gratitude,

Baby Toka, Kristyn, and Mark

PS Again, we will only be closing up shop for our indoor facility. Our mobile axe throwing trailer will be up and running all spring, summer, and fall, so let us know if you are looking for a unique addition to your outdoor events!