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How to Wrap a Gift Card!

We think that experience gifts are awesome! Spend time with others, make fun memories, and maybe try something new too! If you’re thinking about giving someone an experience gift this year, you should consider a gift card to The Lazy Axe!

When you purchase a digital gift card, the system will ask for an email address. If you would prefer to print a copy of the gift card, you can enter your email address, rather than the email address of the recipient.

If you’re not sure how to wrap up a printed gift card, we have some suggestions!

  • Box it with a festive flannel shirt! Or plaid pajama pants (like we wear as our uniform at The Lazy Axe)!
  • Better yet, wrap it inside The Lazy Axe apparel! T-shirts and tank-tops are $20, 3/4 sleeve shirts are $25, and sweatshirts are $40 (tax included!).

  • Lower budget? Pair it with a cute set of socks! We like these:
  • For the serious throwers, wrap your printed gift card around the handle of a brand new throwing axe! At The Lazy Axe, we are now selling Cold Steel Axe Gang axes (cut to 16″) for $35 and the brand new WATL Championship Axes (Ace of Spades and Corporal) for $72.99.

  • Create a lumberjack gift basket! There are all sorts of fun lumberjack gifts you could include. These are a few of our favorites:


  • Giving gifts to multiple people? Fold up your printed gift cards and stuff them in these adorable gift boxes (and maybe add some candy too):

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